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We Still Give Great Service Without Ads

In 2018 Google banned bail bonds services from serving ads because they thought it would be helpful to people in jail to make it more difficult to get a bail bonds service. In 2018, we faced new challenges in areas where online advertising could be used to scam or...

Florida Man Does 41 Days in Jail for Tide Detergent

Local Martin County man gets arrested in his van. Martin Sherriff deputy approached his van due to suspicion and found a bag of powder he believed to be heroin.  Sadly many people are falsely arrested. Much of this blame goes on officer error and bad laws. As...

Dog the Bounty Hunter Closing Bail Bonds Office

Duane and Beth Chapman are closing their bail bonds office in Honolulu. Beth Chapman is fighting throat cancer and the building their office was located is being demolished. Hopefully Beth beats cancer and they resume helping people in Honolulu. The Chapmans are...

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